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​Life coaching is about relationships.




Success is not all about relationships, but for life coaches the key to rewarding impact and increased revenue is developing yourself and others to have success in relationships! 

I instruct, train, and coach coaches so they become proficient in "How to use the A.C.O.M. Method to develop anyone."

Hey There Coaches!

Climbing to the peak with the accomplishments to get where you want to go as a coach and influencer can be challenging. There are parallels to climbing in the rough terrain pictured in this image. There will be obstacles ahead. It is important that you pick the right place to start and the best path (model) to get you to the top.

We have an offer that can help. We are offering five (5) active coaches a base camp starting place with individual coaching, a peer:peer online cohort as you climb together, and a practicum experience with tools and awareness from research and a Thera-coaching perspective that goes way beyond what you will get in traditional or typical certification programs. In the process you will complete your climb for program certification in the CoachABLE A.C.O.M. Method.

Join me for access to this clinically developed and proven model that will bring you the approach you need in guiding and developing your clients to overcome obstacles and find greater success in their personal and business relationships.

Coach Yourself. Coach Others to Relational Success!

Whether you are a coach who has invested tens of thousands of dollars in your education and have the highest of coaching credentials with all the initials after your name, or you don't have that, if you still don’t have a proven process to engage with your clients that propels individuals or company leaders down a path of development to bring about the changes they need this credentialing program is your answer. 


When you to click on Main in the menu you will find four things you can do now to explore the benefits and bottom line results that can be yours in this proven, life-changing model. On the Main page:

  • Click on ​Relational Breakthroughs with The A.C.O.M. Method™ for background on the model and comments from clients. Click here or on the home page for Life Application Coaching to book a free 30-45 minute online discovery session.

  • Discover your dominant strengths or have a client do it. I recommend that for everyone.

  • Click on CoachABLE, the book, for insights and a guiding principle from my book which is used in the certification program.

  • Click the banner on the bottom of the page for a look inside or to order your copy of CoachABLE.


If you want to begin a life-coaching business or expand the impact of your current life-coaching practice this certification program will provide training, tools for life change, innovative resources and introductions to ongoing accountability relationships with leaders in the coaching business. By following this model you will become a more successful life coach and you will build a more rewarding practice. Take your time to look around and get schedule  a 45-60 minute conversation so we can ask each other some questions. When this offer closes after there are five coaches who register for the cohort experience and the certification you may still contact me and join our waiting list for the next enrollment opening later this year. We will send you further information once we get closer.


Contact me below with questions or to learn more.

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