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Become an ACOMer and get one of these with your name on it! The completed program contains three certificates. Add the initials ACOM, ATCP, and SRW after your name if you like. You can, but this experience and achievement goes way beyond adding some initials after your name. This is our opportunity to provide more information about the training,  credentialing, and content opportunity we provide.  Contact Me. After we have visited click on View More below to continue our conversation.

Consider applying and committing to the certification program described below if you currently coach or desire to coach others with a proven method. We are looking for coaches with an attitude of: 

  • honesty and willingness to be coached,

  • commitment (engagement in your client's journey),

  • compassion and empathy,

  • resilience and a drive to position yourself with inspiration with intentionality as someone who outperforms the results from typical and traditionally credentialed models.

In the program you will be introduced to a cohort of coaching support experts who have helped me.

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Berta Medina, keynote speaker, coach, and author

Larry, you wouldn’t believe how many coaches there are, even ones like me who have invested tens of thousands of dollars in their coaching education and certification and have the highest of coaching credentials with all the initials after their name, who, once they have completed all that coursework never use it again.

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